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Life and Art

While few people really think about it, art has a large impact on their life every day. People think of paintings and sculptures as art,...


Vendor Research

Many people with small businesses are eager to sell their wares at festivals and fares, but they must fit in with the theme of the...

Fun Art

Fun with Ink

Few parents would allow their children to get a permanent tattoo, but many of them see no harm in allowing them to get their face...

Fun Art

What Makes Wearable Art Possible?

Fashion design changed over the years, and clothing manufacturers have learned that people want to wear beautiful items that look like pieces of art. Color,...


Learn How to Sell Art

There are few artists interested in taking on a new career when it comes to selling their pieces, so many of them are dependent upon...

Fun Art

Renaissance Fairs

Modern times seem to attract people to the way life was lived hundreds of years ago, and Renaissance fairs are one way to experience this...

The world of art seems to be a very serious place, but artists like to have just as much fun as other people. Art fairs and festivals have their share of artists, but they are becoming a more familiar sight these days in many new places. Artists have learned the value of marketing their goods in many venues, and they know advertising will help clients to find them. This is one reason they have begun going to new places to display their wares.

Art fairs are a great place for people who enjoy art to visit, but many people avoid fairs with just one type of entertainment or items for sale. They want to visit places where the entire family can have fun, and artists have recognized the sales potential of family events. They bring their best art pieces for show, and they use this as an opportunity to market their goods to a new sector of the public.