Fun Art

Renaissance Fairs

Modern times seem to attract people to the way life was lived hundreds of years ago, and Renaissance fairs are one way to experience this phenomenon. The vendors and paid participants dress up in medieval costumes and stage scenarios from previous lifetimes. Some of them pull out swords and dazzle audiences with their fighting prowess, and others demonstrate everyday tasks. Cooking is a large part of these fairs, and many vendors sell common foods that have been served at fairs for centuries.

Art has been an occupation for thousands of years, and the time of the Renaissance was no different. Artists then may have used slightly different methods than their modern counterparts, but many of the subjects are the same. Artists participating in a Renaissance Fair may dress differently, but their wares are something that could be found at any time during the last few centuries.

Paper was invented well before this time, and charcoal drawing implements were common. While few people knew how to read and write, sketching was part of the education provided for people of wealth and knowledge. Fairs during that time often features artists who would sketch subjects passing by, and some of them would take on commissions during the fair to be completed at a later date. The same is true of artists today, and handing out business cards is important.

Many modern artists still paint with the oil paints that were refined during the 16th century, and their work could comfortably be displayed with the art of those bygone days. If given a choice, few artists would paint with anything other than oils because they are so versatile. Drawing sketches or displaying oil paintings is one way to combine art with a modern fair venue, and artists attending will have the opportunity to show people how artists have worked from the past to the present.